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Checking Weight

Dietitian-Led Weight Management and the National Medical Weight Loss Program

A comprehensive approach that focuses on personalised dietary and lifestyle modifications and where appropriate, prescription interventions or medical weight loss injections, to support individuals in achieving their weight management goals in a healthy and sustainable manner.  We address the underlying factors contributing to weight gain, difficulty in losing or gaining weight and malnutrition. 

We are certified partners of the National Medical Weight Loss Program having been trained in the SCOPE initiative (The Strategic Centre for Obesity Professional Education) approved by The World Obesity Federation.  SCOPE is recognised and endorsed by NHS England and more than 50 national associations globally.  We work with our in-house Nurse Prescriber for any prescription medication.  See further below for more information and to get started.

Weight Management and Medical Weight Loss

We offer a more comprehensive and personalised approach to weight management, weight loss and malnutrition, combining medical expertise with tailored programs.  Including dietary and nutrition plans, understanding of root causes, imbalances, deficiencies or underlying factors, lifestyle modifications, behavioural counselling, and in some cases, laboratory testing and/or prescribed medication options (e.g., GLP-1 agonists such as semaglutide) as approved partners of the National Medical Weight Loss Program (NMWLP). We also offer one-to-one coaching and close monitoring of progress, with expertly designed meal plans, recipes and shopping lists, targeted to your goals.

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How We Can Help

National Medical Weight Loss Program

If you are interested in our medical weight loss / slimming program approved by SCOPE and the NMWLP, this will require a consultation with our medical prescriber to assess for suitability for medical weight loss injections, prices starting from £195.  Click on the link below to get started which will take you to our confidential online pre-assessment form.  On completion, we will contact you to arrange a clinic or virtual appointment to get started and explain how we may be able to help you.  Those who enter into the program will also receive full support and clinical oversight from our Registered Dietitian and access to the Longevity platform and That Clean Life food planning software.  This on-going support is highly recommended and necessary for those starting any medical weight loss program. 

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