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Skin & Hair Rejuvenation

Nutrition and skin, hair and nail health are inherently linked.  In addition to nutritional services for optimising skin health from within or treating skin disorders, we also partner with our sister Sanctuary Skin Clinic for one of the widest skin and hair rejuvenation treatment menus in the industry.  At the Sanctuary Skin Clinic, we are specialists in skin feeding, skin needling, skin resurfacing, skin lifting & tightening and treating hair loss via PRP / iPRF. Our ethos is all about optimum skin health & radiance, while reversing signs of ageing and treating skin & dermatology concerns - such as anti-ageing, mole & skin blemish removal, hyper-pigmentation, acne, rosacea / chronic redness, dehydration, sun damage, loss of radiance, stretch marks and scars, poor texture and laxity. Our signature - The Ultimate Facial - combines the best of these into a completely prescriptive treatment for you - total skin rejuvenation.  Visit our website to browse treatment options.  Skin consultations are completely free of charge. 

For best results visit our website and book a discovery consultation with Jo using the link below

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