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The Vitality Method & Our Longevity Platform

Whether you choose to work with us in individual consultations, an online membership or a programme, all of our engagement, communication and working with you is collated within our unique Longevity platform.  This is a GDPR compliant system offering patient confidentiality, user-friendly interface and a wealth of eduction and knowledge.  We document your journey, your consultations, shared information resources and protocols, goals and progession, lab test results, food & mood diary and easy access to educational courses, periodic health camps (such as sugar detox) and That Clean Life meal planning, recipes and shopping lists - bespoke to you and your goals.  A roadmap to your health!  Access is inclusive for agreed terms as part of any consultation, programme or therapeutic food plan and continued with any follow-up consultation or online membership. 

See further below for more details.

The Vitality Method is our 12-week specialist, functional medicine programme, for deeper root-cause understanding and closer working.  This can be carried out face-to-face, a hybrid of face-to-face and virtual/online, or completely virtual (with some minor modifications).  While we can work with you in individual consultations, there are times when a programme is far more appropriate.  Without a doubt, this method is proven to lead to greater insight, sustainable change, and dramatic results.  This is the gold standard within functional medicine and the key benefits are listed below:

Benefits of the Vitality Method 12-Week Programme

  • Establishing Baseline Nutritional, Metabolic, and Hormonal Health

  • Identifying Food Triggers and Sensitivities

  • Reducing Inflammation

  • Multiple or Complex Ailments or Symptoms

  • Improvement or Management of Chronic Illness

  • Recurrent Issues

  • Therapeutic and Elimination Diets

  • Longer-Term Weight Loss Programmes

  • Promoting Body Awareness

  • Improving Modifiable Lifestyle Factors

  • Gut Reset, Gut Healing, and Detoxification

  • Where Conventional Healthcare Is Not Working

  • To Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your Own Health

  • Making Successful Changes to Meet Your Health Goals

The Vitality Method model further below has been created by Jo to demonstrate the methodical approach of our programme, focussing on three key, integrative, areas - Personalised Nutrition, Lifestyle and Longevity.  Across the 12-weeks we carry out a deep dive of the following: Functional Medicine Consultation, Nutritional Assessment, Physical Examination, Gut Reset, Detoxification, Therapeutic Food Plans, Metabolic Health, Hormonal Health, Weight Management, Sleep & Stress Hygiene, Brain Health, Exercise, Nutritional Therapy, Skin & Hair, and Lab Work

The programme is set out in five phases across 12 weeks.  Phase Two can be delayed to the appropriate start time for when you are ready to commit, this will all be discussed as part of consultation in Phase One.  The price for the full programme is £795, with optional lab tests, blood work, and Libre glucose monitoring at additional costs.

Phase One: Weeks 1-2

Understanding You - The Functional Medicine Consultation

Detailed Root-Cause Analysis Health Consultation and Health Report

Nutritional Assessment and Physical Examination

Lifestyle Review

My Symptoms Questionnaire

Food & Mood Diary

Baseline Lab Data and/or Blood Work and Libre Glucose Monitoring (optional)

Planning and Coaching for The Elimination Phase

Phase Two: Weeks 3-5

The Elimination Phase

121-Coached 3 Week Elimination Diet - Bespoke to You and Your Goals

Gut Reset and Detoxification

Food & Mood Diary

Lifestyle Review

Redefine Wellness Education Sessions and Information Resources

Planning and Coaching for The Re-Introduction Phase

Phase Three: Weeks 6-7

The Re-Introduction Phase

Bespoke, Staged, Food Re-Introduction

Mindfulness, Body Awareness, Symptom Monitoring, and Food & Mood Diary

Development of Bespoke Therapeutic Diet to Meet Health Goals

Planning and Coaching for Nutritional Supplementation

Lifestyle Review

Phase Four: Weeks 8-11

The Therapeutic Phase

Personalised Therapeutic Diet Unique to Your Nutritional Requirements and/or Chronic Illness

Targeting Gut Health, Metabolic Wellness, Hormonal Balance, Weight Management, Nutritional Deficiencies, Skin & Hair Health, Heart Health, Immune System and Liver Support, Improved Cognition, Mood and Energy, Wellness, Vitality & Longevity

Regularly Updated Food & Meal Plans, Recipes and Shopping Lists

Advice on Recommended Nutritional Supplements

Online Coaching and Support Through The Longevity Platform

Repeat of Lab Tests and/or Blood Work

Lifestyle Review

Phase Five: Week 12 and Ongoing

Balance, Vitality & Longevity

Reflection on Programme - What Works Well and What Doesn't

Change for Life Mentoring

Review of Lab Tests / Blood Work

Repeat of My Symptoms Questionnaire

Review of Health Goals / Future Goals

Balance Phase Personalised Food & Meal Plans, Recipes and Shopping Lists

Planning for Ongoing or Future Support and/or Longevity Membership

The Vitality Method Model
(Template credited to the Genius Model by Simon Bowen)

 A key pillar of our method is a bespoke step-by-step Elimination Diet, which has numerous benefits to a patient looking to improve their health and uncover triggers.  This requires a thorough consultation and detailed programme to design the appropriate elimination diet for you, help you prepare and coach you the entire way.  Not only can this identify food sensitivities, it can reduce inflammation, promote gut healing, support weight loss, improve digestive health, help with mood disorders and enhance cognition.  It is a complete gut reset.  The gut plays a crucial role in overall health, including immune function, nutrient absorption, and the elimination of toxins.  An elimination diet can give the gut a chance to rest and heal by removing foods that may be contributing to allergy, IBS, gut dysbiosis, leaky gut syndrome, GERD,  or other digestive and gastrointestinal issues, immune function, autoimmune disease, skin problems, joint pain, arthritis, headaches, insulin resistance, unexplained weight gain or difficulty losing weight, hormone imbalances, mood disorders such as anxiety or depression, brain function and much more...


Alongside a thorough review of your health, we provide clarity, support and education, and coach you all the way, helping you make changes for life, redefine your wellness and achieve balance, vitality and longevity.  Our method is underpinned by the IFM accredited Functional Medicine approach.  Visit our Functional Medicine page for more details and what to expect on your consultation process. 

The Vitality Method Programme Includes:

  • An initial discovery call for 30 minutes

  • An extended 120-minute functional medicine consultation and health timeline

  • A comprehensive nutritional and physical assessment (some elements face-to-face only)

  • Your functional matrix and dietetic health report

  • Advice on available lab tests, including blood work, stool tests, food inflammation tests, DUTCH hormone profiling,  and Nutrigenomics.  Note - optional tests incur additional costs, see our lab testing page

  • Analysis and discussion on any patient-provided or purchased lab test results

  • Recommendations and goal setting

  • Elimination diet and therapeutic diet coaching

  • Food and meal plans, recipes and shopping lists

  • Evidenced-based supplement advice

  • Educational resources, and lifestyle coaching

  • Includes 5 x 45-minute follow-up sessions - to review, make any changes, and keep you on track 

  • With six months access to our Longevity platform and membership (see below) 

Screenshot 2024-02-11 at 21.04.31.png

Our Longevity Platform

All of our consultations, programmes and online subscriptions come with access to our Longevity platform. 

Full Access Includes:

  • Patient Confidentiality / GDPR Compliant Software

  • Client Intake Forms, MySym Questionnaire

  • Food and Mood Diary

  • Goal Setting and Tracking

  • Dietitian Live Chat Box

  • Periodic Nutritional Newsletters and Group Bulletins

  • Invite to Join with Dietitian in Periodic Health Programmes, e.g., Sugar Detox, Immune Boosting or Plant-Based Boot Camps

  • Information & Eductional Resources

  • Protocols and Documents Shared

  • Tracking of Lab Test Results

  • Supplement Advice

  • Direct Link to The Natural Dispensary for Quality Approved Supplement Purchasing

  • Educational Programmes*

  • Access to That Clean Life Food Planning, Meals, Recipe & Shopping List Software**

  • Portal to Purchase and Request 1-2-1 Dietitian Consultations

Access to most of the services above are included with any purchased consultation or programme, for a defined period of time.  Online monthly subscriptions include immediate access to the Longevity Platform without it being necessary to have had a consultation - the quickest and easiest way to connect.  A basic online plan does not include access to That Clean Life Food Planning Software*.  All plans are charged additional costs for access to purchased Educational Programmes*.

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