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The Functional Medicine Approach
Addressing the Root Cause

Have you been struggling with long-term health issues or you know something doesn't feel right and have been looking for a better way to transform your health?  Our services and expertise are underpinned by Functional Medicine - a highly personalised approach to healthcare that targets the root cause of disease, promotes wellness, and emphasises balance and vitality.  We focus on identifying and treating underlying causes rather than symptom management, also considering nutritional, genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors that may be impacting your health.  Functional medicine practitioners are trained to recognise and address imbalances within your body systems, such as the gastrointestinal, immune, hormonal, metabolic and detoxification systems.  By pinpointing these imbalances, we can develop targeted dietary and lifestyle interventions that aim to restore balance and promote overall wellness.

We apply these principles to all of our consultations and care plans, however this approach truly comes to life as part of our Vitality Method 12-week Programme, where during an extended 2-hour consultation, we create a unique mapping of you, as the patient, onto a functional medicine timeline & matrix, allowing us to gain deeper understanding.  Supported by functional laboratory testing and nutritional assessment, we work closely together to achieve optimal health & balance over 12-weeks.  During your sessions, we take the time to educate and empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed decisions about your health and help you make life-long changes.  True healing happens through collaboration and engagement, and we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Whether you're seeking support for a specific health condition or chronic illness, looking to heal your gut, lose weight, manage allergies, or simply want to improve your overall well-being and longevity, we are here to help you on your journey toward vibrant health. 

Start by booking a no-pressure free-of-charge 30 minute discovery consultation with Jo.

For more information on the Functional Medicine approach and our training and certification with The Institute for Functional Medicine, the industry's global gold standard, visit


Our Functional Medicine Consultation Process



In-Depth Consultation

The process begins with a 30-minute discovery call, followed by a detailed pre-assessment questionnaire. This is necessary before a comprehensive consultation, which can be conducted in person or virtually. We invest time in understanding you, and this consultation forms the basis of your personalised health timeline. We use this to generate your detailed health report, which encompasses genetics, health history, diet, exercise, stress, relationships, and lifestyle factors. Our expertise in systems biology, functional nutrition and other considerations, helps us identify patterns and imbalances. This is a deep-dive into your unique story.


Functional Diagnostics

Advanced testing technology allows us a specialist healthcare provider to arrange for and analyse various laboratory tests.  These include food inflammation tests, allergen testing, leaky gut & dysbiosis testing, stool testing, hair analysis, toxicity testing, nutrititional deficiency testing, DUTCH testing (advanced hormone profiling) and genetic, nutrigenomics, metabolic & longevity testing.  We work with several testing partners including Doctor's Data, Lifecode Gx and Precision Medicine. We have an in-house phlebotomy service, although many tests can be sent directly to you.  Tests are not always required to benefit from our approach.


Care Planning

This is the treatment plan covering everything from initial advice to ongoing support.  We offer a completely flexible service to suit your needs and goals.  This may include a one-off consultation, a series of consultations or our Longevity Method 12-Week Programme.  Treatment plans may include dietetic advice, therapeutic food plans, elimination diet coaching, food, recipes & meal plans, health coaching, information resources & tools, functional & lab testing, advice on supplements, nutrition & vitamin therapy, allergy support, skin treatments, access to National Medical Weight Loss Program or membership in one of our subscription models via our unique Longevity healthcare platform.

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